The Artist

Mikki K.V. Nylund has been at the forefront of art, design and technology yet his art is in many ways reflective of an old soul seeking to make sense of modern society and existence. His internal dialogue has found expression through a series of magical canvases that are strongly evocative of notions such as devotion, creativity, politics, history, peace and love. Mikki is a storyteller in the purest form, layering compositions with Scandinavian folklore and symbols collected through his youth – all of this is then blended with the plethora of life New York City has to offer. Born and raised in Scandinavia, Mikki attended his first art school in Finland at a very young age followed by art and writing studies in Sweden. He is an accomplished painter, writer, and musical composer. Throughout the years his work has been exhibited across Europe and in the USA. 


Inspiration for Mikki’s art arises in many different layers of poetic compliance and philosophy. Each piece needs to adjust and mature with time. 

Mikki's paintings deal with cultural defects and love – the glorification of idols and how quickly we grow up into our combined dream of shared madness. He also depicts the love of death and mental states, all cocooned in a romantic flower of truth. None of these topics or stories are necessarily planned out, but have grown into combined stories. The colors, shapes, the drama, the light, and the magic, are always the key elements that drive Mikki's art.

When Mikki paints, the true meaning of art and life slowly reach him. He leaves the current state of mind and visits something on a deeper level that has always has been difficult to explain – there are no true words to describe what happens… It’s like becoming one with the art, or the art becomes the artist.

The Art

For the past couple of years, Mikki has been "practising", "training" and "thinking". He has taken on the 3D-digital modelling as a tool to create his stories, but has also tought his eyes to see what they didn't see before: the human body, from bone to muscles, the nature and its romantic philosphy of colors. He is going beyond the traditional ways of reaching his art, and found ways were there are no limits.

You can also download a dated higher-res PDF of some of Mikki's art here.

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